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Mal Fletcher 2030PlusTV

Wednesday 4 March 2020


Hi there!

I hope you're enjoying the 2030Plus site and all its resources. At the moment, not many people do what we do in the media and I need your help.

As a futurist and social commentator, I’m increasingly asked urgent questions about the impact of emerging technologies on human jobs, relationships, identity, rights and ethics.

I'd like to ask just one thing. Will you that you take a moment to visit our GoFundMe page and consider making a donation? It would mean a lot to me and to others who work hard to bring positive, well-researched responses to these big issues.

I’ve spent more than 30 years, supported mainly by a charity* my wife and I founded, researching and presenting futurist commentary in mainstream media around the world, including the BBC, Sky, ABC, CNBC, SABC and many others.

I want to be able to increase our availability to the media and to further boost our research on these big issues.

Most of this media work is unpaid. Why do I do it? For me, it is more than a public service, it is a mission, which is based on a conviction that together we can change the future if we engage it today.

You might think, "What I can give won't help very much," but we've learned how to make even a little go a long way. Every donation is helpful, every donation is hugely appreciated and acknowledged.

Thanks watching the video. 

Please check out our crowdfunding page at:


Mal Fletcher
Chairman, 2030Plus

*Next Wave International is a Company Ltd by Guarantee registered in England & Wales No. 5208960 and a Registered UK Charity No. 1109710.