Business Leadership

At 2030Plus, we believe that leaders in business are cultural architects. They articulate vision, map out strategy and marshal activity to create a business milieu in which people flourish and projects fly.

Our research and presentations focus on tracking profound shifts at the intersection of new technologies, changes in social attitudes and ethics, generational change and innovation leadership.

Our founder, futurist Mal Fletcher, brings our research to life in world-class keynote presentations, with an entertaining speaking style that engages thinking leaders and inspires innovation.

He has travelled the world for more than 30 years, presenting keynotes at major conferences, trade exhibitions, training and university events and more.

Mal is the founder of several influential leadership networks, in Australasia and Europe. He brings to the table more than 30 years of experience when speaking on leadership skills, innovation culture and staying ahead of change. 

He has hosted numerous international leadership forums, in venues such as the German Parliament and the British House of Commons.

Mal Fletcher is also a highly respected media commentator who is on call for regular interviews on all things future, with broadcasters such as the BBC, SkyTV, CNBC, ABC and more.

“If you don’t shape the future of your enterprise, someone else’s vision of that future will reshape you.”

Mal Fletcher
Chairman of 2030plus

We can provide world class:

Mal Fletcher - Keynote Presentations

Keynote Presentations

Add the wow factor to your next conference, with up-to-the-minute futurist research, plus Mal Fletcher’s insightful speaking style honed over three decades of global presenting.

Mal Fletcher - Media Representation

Media Representation

Engage our extensive media skills, to help you share your ideas, research and products with a regional, national or international audience.

Mal Fletcher - Interviews and Moderating

Interviews and Moderating

Mal Fletcher’s extensive experience as a TV presenter and producer to draw out the very best from your invited contributors, in interviews or panel sessions.

Mal Fletcher - Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

Download into your team strategic insights born out of more than 30 years of leadership.