Future Change

At 2030Plus, we’re all about three things: foresight, innovation and leadership. These are in short supply in today’s world, but they’re vital if we’re to shape a positive future.

The 2030Plus futures forum is focused on helping individuals, leaders and organisations prepare for future change.

Helping people get ahead of the change curve

We help people get ahead of the change curve. We focus on the intersection between technology, leadership, innovation, generational shifts and ethics. We study how these will impact the future of individuals, organisations and society.

Innovation leadership events

2030Plus hosts innovation leadership events for leaders from the worlds of business, civic authority and the third sector. We help leaders craft a cultural architecture in which future-friendly innovation is the norm!

2030Plus future change

We’ve hosted leadership events in marquee venues including the Bundestag, Berlin and House of Commons, London. We also publish books plus video and other materials that help people shape the future today.

Social Commentary

At 2030Plus, we know that shaping the future is also about understanding present change.

Contemporary social shifts

We research contemporary social shifts and publish insightful social commentary articles. Many of these are picked up by magazines, ezines and media outlets in various parts of the world.

Mal Flethcer on the BBC

Our founder and chairman, Mal Fletcher, is a respected futurist, broadcaster and global speaker. His social commentary has featured on the BBC, SkyTV, ABC, CNBC, SABC and many other media and press platforms.

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