Church & A.I.

Futurist Digital Roundtable

For church, ministry and charity leaders
June 14, 11am-12:15pm
(UK time)

Church and A.I.
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Technology is rapidly advancing. How can church, ministry and faith-based charity leaders respond to developments in artificial intelligence?

This interactive and informative 75 minute session will dive into the ethical and theological implications of AI, exploring its potential benefits and challenges for faith communities.

L´╗┐eading futurist Mal Fletcher, chair of 2030Plus will lead an exploration of the major developments to date and what's ahead, including the potential impact of AI on:

  • Evangelism, training and worship
  • Research and sermon prep via Generative AI
  • Jobs (including ministry positions)
  • The cashless society
  • Privacy, education, relationships
  • Mental health (e.g. in the metaverse)
  • Fake News, ID Fraud and Legal Protection.

Expert guest contributors: Michael Matthews, AI author and Chief Information Officer, Oral Roberts University. Stuart Cranney, Director of Innovation, CV Global, leading provider of digital outreach resources. (For more info see link below.)

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